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Antonio Bertacca

Antonio Bertacca
Plus - Università di Pisa

Antonio Bertacca teaches English at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Pisa. His main interest is in historical linguistcs in general and in the history of the English language, on which he has published extensively in Italian and international journals. He wrote a book on The Great Vowel Shift (Rome, 1995), and is about to publish a book on the loss of nominal inflections in English with Edizioni PLUS (Pisa).

Titoli dell'autore

Natural Morphology and the Loss of Nominal Inflections in English

di Antonio Bertacca

editore: Plus - Università di Pisa

pagine: 208


Historical Linguistic Studies of Spoken English

Papers read at the 11th Italian Conference on the History of the English Language (Pisa 5-7 June 2003)

editore: Plus - Università di Pisa

pagine: 248


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