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Chemistry: a systemic complexity science

di Giovanni Villani

editore: Pisa University Press

pagine: 256

Chemistry has always characterized in the emphasis on the qualitative properties and in its opposition to reductionist philosophy. In this book, I show the importance of structured matter at the molecular level as source of the wealth of reality. This creates a number of different entities as particular as to deserve a specific name. As a consequence, the reductionist perspective is insufficient to make us understand one of the most important aspects of the real world: the existence of ordered entities, each one with its own structure and its organization. The idea of this book is that the reductionist and holistic approaches are partial: they capture important aspects of reality, and neglect others that are equally important. Both are essential for a scientific description of the world but only just taken together give a balanced description of reality. Today, the irreducibility of real entities to the reductionist approach, have bought new aspects in Systemic and in the so-called “Sciences of Complexity”. This book can be linked to these important cultural areas.

Book of abstracts XV italian-Hungarian Symposium on spectrochemistry

Autori vari

editore: Pisa University Press

pagine: 200

The major challenges to human health, environment, cultural heritage, economic development and scientific progress have always been in the focus of this series of Symposia from the very outset in 1983. The fifteenth edition of this event is no exception. Pharmaceuticals permeate our daily life in many ways and allow us to attain a standard of wellness not thought of even only a few decades ago. On the other hand, the misuse or abuse of medicinal products can be a source of serious health problems thus eventually spoiling the countless benefits they can provide us with. These two conflicting aspects form the backbone of the XV IHSS and are thoroughly debated from many a viewpoint along with the role that the most innovative analytical techniques play in investigating the various facets of this dilemma.  edited by:Paola Bottoni, Sergio Caroli, Roger Fuoco, Viktor Gábor Mihucz, Gyula Záray  

Dalle Proprietà Molecolari Microscopiche alle Grandezze Termodinamiche

editore: Pisa University Press

pagine: 192

L'apprendimento di una scienza consiste anche nell'impadronirsi di un linguaggio. Quello della...

International conference on hydrogen safety


Autori vari

editore: Plus - Università di Pisa

I problemi di sicurezza dell'idrogeno impegnano significativamente il mondo della ricerca

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