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Egitto e vicino Oriente - vol. XLV 2022

Egitto e vicino Oriente - vol. XLV 2022
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titolo Egitto e vicino Oriente - vol. XLV 2022
Editore Pisa University Press
ebook Ebook - Protezione/i: Social DRMPdf
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Pubblicazione 2023
ISBN 9788833397788


In questo numero: Wolfram Grajetzki, Three notes on Middle Kingdom inscriptions 

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In questo numero: 
Wolfram Grajetzki, Three notes on Middle Kingdom inscriptions 
Gabriele Mario Conte. Two “amuletic formulas” against demons:
the 1r wAD 4xm.t and sA HA sA formulas 
Julia Budka, Investigating Nubian funerary practices of marginal communities: new evidence from a Kerma cemetery at Ginis 
Frederik Rogner, Harvest scenes in the tomb chapel of Ineni (TT 81) and in the Queen Mary Psalter: Some thoughts on rendering spatial relations intwo-dimensional images and the finding of pictorial solutions 
Hassan Aglan, Unknown funerary cones from Central Dra’ Abu el-Naga (CDAN) 
Riccardo Andreozzi, A report study on the garlands of Schweinfurth’s collection at the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden in Leiden 
Christian Orsenigo, Su due reperti egizi recentemente acquisiti dal Museo di Crema 
Elena Tiribilli, Small finds from the shafts of the tomb of Khunes at ancient Hebenu (Zawyet Sultan)
Alexandra von Lieven, Local Variation of a Pan-Egyptian Myth:
The Osiris-Myth in the Section on Bubastis in pBrooklyn 47.218.84 
Ilaria Incordino, Animal-shaped vessels from the Late Antique monastic settlement of Manqabad (Asyut, Egypt)
Mattia Mancini, An unpublished Inventory of Salt’s Second Egyptian Collection from the Biblioteca Labronica in Livorno
Mattias Karlsson, Egyptian women as citizens of Assur
Anna Maria Pastorino, Guido Rossi, Le lastre assire del Museo di Archeologia Ligure, nuovi dati 
Alexia Pavan, Chiara Visconti, Looking for connections between Arabia and East Asia: diplomatic gifts, luxury vessels
and utilitarian wares unearthed at the city port of al-Balīd, Sultanate of Oman
Giovanni Mazzini, The Qatabanic term tqnt in the light of Northwest Semitic 
Pier Giorgio Borbone, An “Unpublished” Published Syro-Turkic Gravestone from Semirechye dated to the ‘Year of the Snake’

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