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Nuove Musiche 7/2020

Nuove Musiche 7/2020
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titolo Nuove Musiche 7/2020
Editore Pisa University Press
ebook Ebook - Protezione/i: Social DRMPdf
protezione Social DRM

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Pubblicazione 2023
ISBN 9788833397221


In questo numero:Timbre, gesture, communication and musical meaning in some recent works&l

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In questo numero:

Timbre, gesture, communication and musical meaning in some recent works
by Ondřej Adámek
Carlo Benzi 

Extended: An Introduction to the Work of Ashley Fure
Ross Feller 

Performing computer music: the case of Ryan Carter’s Trying to Connect
Paolo Zavagna 

Andrea Agostini, gli atomi che si accendevano e radiavano, for barytone saxophone and live electronics:
from the neutral to the poietic level
Fabio De Sanctis De Benedictis

Marina Khorkova’s Compositional Practices: Research, Language, Techniques
Luca Guidarini 

Reverse engineering of a semiotic machine. On Dmitri Kourliandski’s dasein 1&2 (To Say Nothing of III)
Andrea Valle 

Technology between performance and multimedia: an interview with Sarah Nemtsov
Giacomo Albert 

The music of Vito Žura
Luisa Antoni

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