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M. Rashad, M. Emran, E. Hafez, F.F. Assaad, H.M. Salem, M.A. Abdel-Salam, M. Gispert, G. Masciandaro - Proteins and amino acids in water extractable organic matter of different alkaline soils in the Nile River Delta, Egypt


T. Lassoued, S. Ben Kaab, M. Rezgui, J.A. Teixeira Da Silva, H. Gouia, L.B. Ben Kaab - Reserve mobilization and enzymatic activities of germinating barley seeds in response to nickel and cobalt


N. Ebadnejad, M. Rostaminia, F. Valizadeh Kakhki, M. Bazgir - Chicken-manure biochar as a soil amendment to immobilize and detoxify cadmium and lead in two different soils


P. Ferus, C. Sgherri - Watermelon leaf antioxidant defence under sea-like water irrigation differs with growth vigour


M. Palla, A. Turrini, C. Sbrana, F. Signorini, C. Nicolella, G. Benelli, A. Canale, M. Giovannetti, M. Agnolucci - Honeybee-collected pollen for human consumption: impact of post-harvest conditioning on the microbiota


C. Sanmartin, M. Macaluso, C. Sgherri, G. Ferroni, F. Venturi - Improvement of varietal Nero D’Avola and Frappato based wines: implication of blending practice


A. Nari, I. Taglieri, L. Pistelli, R. Ascrizzi, G. Andrich, A. Zinnai - The effect of ripening degree and irrigation regimes of fruits on the quality of extra-virgin olive oil extracted with or without the addition of carbonic snow





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