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RIVISTA IN VENDITA SOLO IN ABBONAMENTO: Italy: € 129,00 Other countries: € 155,00

In questo numero:

 A. Hernandez-Perez, L.A. Valdés-Aguilar, A. Cardenas-Flores, L. Ibarra-Jimenez, B. Méndez-Argüello, I. Vera-Reyes, R.H. Lira-Saldivar - Photosynthesis, growth and yield of Solanum lycopersicum as influenced by the use of microbial biofertilizers.

 A. Marchica, E. Pellegrini, D. Remorini, R. Massai, G. Lorenzini, C. Nali, R. Bernardi - Age matters: the struggle for life of a monumental tree.

 R.H. Lira-Saldivar, B. Méndez-Argüello, M. Felipe-Victoriano, I. Vera-Reyes, A. Cárdenas-Flores, L. Ibarra-Jiménez - Gas exchange, yield and fruit quality of Cucurbita pepo cultivated with zeolite and plastic mulch.

 Khuram Shahzad Ahmad - Determination of Rimsulfuron sorption parameters in eight Pakistani soils.

 C. Sanmartin, F. Venturi, I. Taglieri, G. Ferroni, G. Scalabrelli, N. Narkabulova, G. Andrich, A. Zinnai - Restoration of an old vineyard by replanting of missing vines: effects on grape production and wine quality.



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