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Fascicolo 2 - 05/2018
Titolo AGROCHIMICA 2 2018
sottotitolo AGROCHIMICAInternational Journal of Plant Chemistry,Soil Science and Plant Nutritionof the University of Pisa
Editore Pisa University Press
formato Fascicolo carta
lingua inglese


rivista in vendita solo in abbonamento. Subscription: Italy €129,00 - other countries € 155,00

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S. Elsabagh, M. Emran, H.A. Mahmoud, M.A. Hussein, M. Rashad - Glomalin-related soil protein (GRSP) for increasing zinc availability in calcareous soils.

A. Hameed, T. Farooq, A. Hameed, M. Ibrahim, M.A. Sheikh - Evaluation of sodium silicate as antioxidant activator and growth enhancer in wheat.

M.M. Nemat Alla, E.G. Badran, F.A. Mohammed - Exogenous trehalose alleviates the adverse effects of NaCl stress in wheat.

A. Litvinovich, A. Lavrishchev, V. Bure, O. Pavlova, A. Kovleva, E. Saljnikov - Influence of limestone and dolomite on the duration of liming effect and Ca losses in Umbric Albeluvisols Abruptic.

A. Cendrowski, I. Ścibisz, M. Mitek, M. Kieliszek - Influence of harvest seasons on the chemical composition and antioxidant activity in Rosa rugosa petals.

E. Ben-Halima, N. Farhat, A. Elkhouni, R. Hidri, K. Hessini, A. Smaoui, C. Abdelly, M. Rabhi - Chlorophyll fluorescence responses to short-term drought in Mesembryanthemum nodiflorum.

C. Sanmartin, F. Venturi, I. Taglieri, A. Nari, G. Andrich, A. Zinnai – Review. Study of the migration of chemicals from conventional food contact materials into food and environment: hurdles and limits for a whole hazard identification and risk assessment.


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