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UnipiNews, 04.01.2018

Sul sito web dell'Università di Pisa è stata pubblicata una recensione sul volume "Journeys through Changing Landscapes" a cura di Carla Dente e Francesca Fedi ed edito dalla Pisa University Press.

Di seguito il link della recesione:

Journeys through Changing Landscapes

editore: Pisa University Press

pagine: 320

Bringing together a wide range of critical perspectives, this volume records the lively debate on literature, language and culture from a transnational angle developed during and from an interna­tional conference that took place in Pisa in 2016.Cultural values are not fixed and predetermined, but result from complex, sometimes unpredict­able processes, and are always the outcome of an ongoing dialectic between tradition and innova­tion. The research presented here engages with cultural, linguistic and literary phenomena “in the making”. Individual essays from a variety of disciplines look at the way words, texts, ideas travel across time and space, at the dialogue they set up with their historical users, and at the networks and flows they install. Through the mapping and critical investigation of exemplary cases, Jour­neys through Changing Landscapes emphasizes transnationality as both a constitutive principle of culture and a method of scholarly analysis, advocating an understanding of culture as a dynamic field of encounter and exchange. Contributors to the volume: Dominique Goy-Blanquet, Nick Havely. Vincenzo Orioles, Enrico Terrinoni, Michael Wyatt and, with various roles in the Pisa University Research Group on ‘Transnational dislocations’, Marco Battaglia, Paolo Bugliani, Nicoletta Caputo, Giovanni Carlotti, Carla Dente, Enrico Di Pastena, Francesca Fedi, Roberta Ferrari, Sylvia Greenup, Angelo Monaco, Beatrice Montorfano, Filippo Motta, Andrea Nuti, Silvia Riccardi, Francesco Rossi, Anita Simonini, Sara Soncini.  

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