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Gianluca Miniaci

Gianluca Miniaci
Plus - Università di Pisa

Gianluca Miniaci è ricercatore in Egittologia presso l'Institute of Archaeology dell'University College di Londra (UCL), dopo aver compiuto gli studi e conseguito il Dottorato di ricerca in Egittologia presso l'Università di Pisa nel 2008. E' autore di oltre 40 contributi scientifici e 2 monografie, Rishi Coffins and the funerary culture of Second Intermediate Period Egypt, London Golden House Publications 2011, e, con M. Betrò e P. Del Vesco, Seven Seasons at Dra Abu el-Naga. The tomb of Huy (tt14): preliminary results, PLUS 2009.

Titoli dell'autore

Seven Seasons at Dra Abu El-Naga

The Tomb of Huy (tt14): Preliminary Results. (Ediz. inglese)

di Marilina Betrò, Paolo Del Vesco

editore: Plus - Università di Pisa

pagine: 246

Since 2003 - with seven archeological campaigns so far - Marilina Betrò has been carrying out the investigation of tomb TT 14, at Dra Abu el-Naga, which has turned out to be a very profitable research field: sloping passages and shafts have been methodically and scientifically investigated, with the support of the most advanced technologies, along promissing ramified structures (up to a new tomb, labelled with the mission acronym M.I.D.A.N.05). Interesting archaeological finds have been recovered and studied, involving also young archaeologists of Betrò's team, who contributed important chapters to this volume.

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