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Fossils and reputations

Fossils and reputations
Titolo Fossils and reputations
Sottotitolo A scientific correspondence: Pisa, Paris, London. 1853-1857
Collana Miscellanea
Editore Plus - Università di Pisa
libro Libro
Pagine 412
Pubblicazione 2009
ISBN 9788884925640



The correspondence between Igino Cocchi and his teacher Giuseppe Meneghini in the 1850s gives historians an unrivalled opportunity to sample the lively scientific arguments and candid gossip of a network of geologists and palaeontologists - centred on Paris and London but spread throughout Europe - in the last decade before these sciences began to yield cultural prestige to prehistory and evolutionary biology. Pietro Corsi's superb edition of these letters, with its substancial introduction in English (including extended quotations in translation), will help historians to regain the pan-European perspective of the mid-century scientific world.


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