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Pasquale Tucci

Pasquale Tucci
Pisa University Press
Pasquale Tucci has been full professor of History of physics at the University of Milan until 2013. He published several papers and books on the history of physics and astronomy.

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Proceedings of the SISFA 42nd Annual Conference

Perugia, 26-29 September 2022

editore: Pisa University Press

The 42nd Annual Conference of the Società italiana degli storici della fisica e dell’astronomia (Italian society of historians of physics and astronomy) was held in the Department of physics and geology at the University of Perugia in September 2022. This was the first live conference after the Covid 19 outbreak, with the 40th and 41st conferences being held remotely. There were just over seventy participants, including scholars from Italy and abroad with a background in history of science. The congress dealt with a remarkable number of topics:From Herschel to Hubble: A long debate.Planetary theories and astronomical instruments: mechanizations and visualizations betweengeocentrism and heliocentrism (1400-1700).Astronomy and physics in Perugia.Physics and diplomacy: a chain reaction.History and didactics of physics and astronomy.Women, sciences, scenario co-organized by SISS.Early modern physics and astronomy.Twentieth century physics and astronomy.Collections, exhibitions and material culture for the history of physics and astronomy.Physics and other sciences.Physics and technology.To the conference participants has been given the opportunity to visit the newly refurbished rich collection of scientific instruments of the Department of physics and geology. Particular attention was given to a model of Mercury’s movement. The instrument was built in 1565 by Giacomo della Volpaia who, for the first time, assembled instruments that represented planets’ three-dimensional orbits in the Ptolemaic system.

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