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Populism in contemporary italian politics

Populism in contemporary italian politics
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titolo Populism in contemporary italian politics
sottotitolo Actors and processes in time of crisis
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Editore Pisa University Press
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Pubblicazione 2022
ISBN 9788833397009


This volume explores the evolution of populism in Italy in the last decade

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This volume explores the evolution of populism in Italy in the last decade.

On SCIENZA POLITICA 13 the one hand, the contributions in this volume provide an updated “state of the art” of research on Italian populism, on the other hand - by starting from the assumption of the multifaceted nature of populism - this book provides the reader with fundamental tools to explore populism from a diachronic and multi-dimensional approach.

The authors  investigate in depth different di - mensions, from the internal organisation of populist parties to their commu - nication styles, from their positioning on specific issues, such as immigration and corruption, to the different strategies they use in different arenas and contexts.

Biografia degli autori

Enrico Calossi

Enrico Calossi, PhD, since 2013 has been Lecturer on European Union and Italian Politics and Society at the California State University Florence. He was Research Fellow at the University of Pisa (2011-2013) and Post-Doc Research Associate at the European University Institute. His fields of research are political party’s organizations, European Union democracy, Italy’ and EU’ foreign policy, and left-wing politics. He wrote for this series “Organizzazioni e Funzioni degli Europartiti. Il caso di Sinistra Europea

Paola Imperatore

Paola Imperatore, PhD, works on political conflicts and social movements, in particular related to ecology, territory and climate justice. She is member of Observatory on Politics and Institution (University of Pisa) and PoliCom (On - line Political Communication Research).

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