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Giovanna Spanò

Titoli dell'autore

Gender, populism and constitutional degradation in Europe and beyond

Young Scholars’ Perspectives

di Giovanna Spanò, Elettra Stradella

editore: Pisa University Press

pagine: 236

Whereas Law and Gender studies boast a long-established academic tradition, only recently the interactions between Populism, polarizing political agenda and the crisis of the so-called Global Constitutionalism have come to the fore. This indeed requires new patterns and paradigms in dealing with gender issues and gender rights. Our approach thus aims at fostering the debate on the institutions, policies and processes involved in the topic, with a special interest in critical, multidisciplinary and pluralist-oriented analyses. The goal is also to tackle the interplay between gender, populism, politics and discriminations, as well as their impact on the rule of law as intertwined phenomena.

European Law and Gender

Cases and Materials (Syllabus)

editore: Pisa University Press

European Law and Gender Cases & Materials (Syllabus) è il primo deliverable del progetto "European Law and Gender", azione Jean Monnet finanziata dalla Commissione europea dal 2019 al 2022. Si tratta di una base di documentazione normativa e giurisprudenziale preparatoria alla prossima uscita del manuale di "European Law and Gender" (Diritto e genere nella prospettiva europea). Il deliverable è curato da Elettra Stradella, coordinatrice del progetto, e da Giovanna Spanò, collaboratrice del progetto.

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