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Fascicolo 1 - 07/2017
Titolo AGROCHIMICA 1 2016
sottotitolo International Journal of Plant Chemistry, Soil Science and Plant Nutrition of the University of Pisa
Editore Pisa University Press
formato Fascicolo carta
lingua inglese


RIVISTA IN VENDITA SOLO IN ABBONAMENTO: Italy: € 129,00 Other countries: € 155,00

In questo numero

G. Cocetta, A. Francini, A. Trivellini, A. Ferrante - Effect of washing treatments on chlorophyll a fluorescence and vitamin C content in minimally processed lamb’s lettuce during storage.

W. Abidi, I. Tarchoune, M. Zaghdoudi, Z. Ouerghi, M. Ben Nasri Ayachi - Effect of NaCl on growth, lipid peroxidation and antioxidant activities in two cultivars of Linum usitatissimum.

M.M. Nemat Alla, G.M. Abogadallah, E.G. Badran, R.M. Nada, N.M. Hassan - Role of CaCl2 in osmoregulation and up-regulation of the salt stress related genes NHX1 and SOS1 in wheat during NaCl stress.

T. Amdouni, S. Ben Abdallah, N. Msilini, F. Merck, M. Chebbi, M. Lachâal, N. Karray-Bouraoui, Z. Ouerghi, X. Fernandez - Phenolic compounds and antioxidant activities of the medicinal plant Ruta chalepensis L. grown under saline conditions.


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