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RIVISTA IN VENDITA SOLO IN ABBONAMENTO: Italy: € 129,00 Other countries: € 155,00

In questo numero:

M. Rezgui, K. Hosni, N. Majdoub, S. Ben Kaâb, B. Marzouk, H. Gouia, L.B. Ben Kaâb - Effect of long-term salinity on compatible solutes and antioxidant status of horehound (Marrubium vulgare L.).

S. Mouas-Bourbia, M. Yahiaoui, H. Kiouas, D. Issaoun, A. Derridj - Nitrogen bioavailability in the rhizosphere of Olea europea L. groves under arid climate.

N.A. Akram, I. Irfan, M. Ashraf - Trehalose-induced modulation of antioxidative defence system in radish (Raphanus sativus L.) plants subjected to water-deficit conditions.

 R. Cardelli, M. Agnolucci, C. Cristani, F. Battini, G. Nisi, F. Marchini, A. Saviozzi - Effects of biostimulants on soil enzyme activities, antioxidant capacity and bacterial community composition.

F. Venturi, C. Sanmartin, I. Taglieri, A. Nari, G. Andrich, A. Zinnai -Effect of the baking process on artisanal sourdough bread-making: A technological and sensory evaluation.

N. Farhat, W. Zorrig, T. Salhi, C. Abdelly, A. Smaoui, M. Rabhi - Do medium- and long-term magnesium deficiencies affect potassium and calcium nutrition in Sulla carnosa?


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