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M.R. Abenavoli, M. Lucisano, M. Polsia Princi, A. Gelsomino, B. Petrovičová, L. Guidi, M. Landi, A. Lupini, A. Sorgonà - Soil and management factors differentially affect kiwifruit quality: a multivariate approach.

G.I. Salem, A.H. Ibrahim, M.I. El-Bana, G.M. Abogadallah - Response of seed germination, seedling vigor and some physiological features of quinoa to magnetized seawater.

P. Manfredi, C. Cassinari, R. Francaviglia, M. Trevisan - A new technology to restore soil fertility: reconstitution.

T. Lassoued, S. Ben Kaab, L. Bettaieb Ben Kaab - Selenium alleviates the oxidative damage caused by nickel toxicity in germinating barley seeds.

N. Singh, G. Singh, R.K. Gupta - Nutrient uptake and nutrient use efficiency as influenced by application of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria, Rhizobium, and phosphorus in lentil (Lens culinaris Medikus).

F. Venturi, I. Taglieri, C. Sanmartin, G. Ferroni, G. Scalabrelli, G. Flamini, M. Macaluso, R. Coscetti, G. Andrich, A. Zinnai - Predicatore: an innovative sweet red wine as a tool for the economic enhancement of grape wastes derived by cluster thinning.


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