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Fascicolo 4 - 05/2018
Titolo AGROCHIMICA 4 2017
sottotitolo AGROCHIMICAInternational Journal of Plant Chemistry,Soil Science and Plant Nutritionof the University of Pisa
Editore Pisa University Press
formato Fascicolo carta
lingua inglese


rivista in vendita solo in abbonamento. Subscription: Italy €129,00 - other countries € 155,00

In questo numero:


P. Zalba, E.S. Schmidt, J.A. Galantini, N.M. Amiotti - Essential nutrients in soil humic and fulvic acids under different land use systems


M. Chebbi, T. Amdouni, S. Ben Abdallah, N. Msilini, M. Lachaâl, Z. Ouerghi - Does the source of nitrogen affect the response of fenugreek plants to saline stress?


M. Rabhi, N. Farhat, M. Krol, Z. Barhoumi, A.G. Ivanov, A. Mccarthy, C. Abdelly, N.P.A. Hüner, A. Smaoui - Effects of Mg deficiency and subsequent recovery on Sulla carnosa leaves


H. Sassi, N. Farhat, R. Jendoubi, A. Elkhouni, W. Zorrig, A. Smaoui, C. Abdelly, M. Rabhi - Optimal soil salinity levels for the highest phytodesalination parameters in the obligate halophyte Sesuvium portulacastrum L.


G. Usai, A. Vangelisti, L. Solorzano Zambrano, F. Mascagni, T. Giordani, A. Cavallini, L. Natali - Transcriptome comparison between two fig (Ficus carica L.) cultivars


C. Sanmartin, F. Venturi, I. Taglieri, G. Andrich, V. De Vitis, A. Zinnai - Effect of the thermal treatment due to home cooking on food security of packaged fresh egg pasta



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