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Z. Abdellaoui, S.M. Ounane, F. Ouarem, A. Yesli, G. Ounane-Impacts of nitrogen fertilization on the quality and protein com­position of durum wheat.

H. Wasli, N. Jelali, H. Ellouzi, K. Msaada, A.M.S. Silva, S.M. Cardoso, R. Ksouri - Enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidant activities of dill (Anethum graveolens L.) in response to bicarbonate-induced oxi­dative damage.

N.A. Akram, I. Khan, Z. Javed, Z. Khan, S. Mahmood, M. Ashraf, S. Shafiq, H. Naz - Modulation of some key biochemical parameters in drought-stressed pea (Pisum sativum L.) treated with different plant growth regulators.

R.E. Abdelhameed, R.A. Metwally - Mitigation of salt stress by dual application of arbuscular mycor­rhizal fungi and salicylic acid.

I.E. Papadakis, C. Antonopoulou, C. Chatzissavvidis, E. Protopapadakis, I. Therios - Rootstock effects on nutritional status, yield and fruit quality of ‘Washington navel’ sweet orange [Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck] trees.

R. Cardelli, M. Becagli, F. Marchini, A. Saviozzi - Relationships between antioxidant capacity and microbial activity in a soil amended with biochar, green compost and vermicompost.

I. Taglieri, M. Macaluso, J. Cappello, G. Andrich, A. Zinnai - Improvement of Cesanese d’Affile wine expression: the addition of solid carbon dioxide for the valorization of an autochthonous vine.



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