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The Black Bands of Giovanni

The Black Bands of Giovanni
titolo The Black Bands of Giovanni
Argomento Scienze storiche, filosofiche, pedagogiche e psicologiche Collezione accademica
Editore Plus - Università di Pisa
libro Libro
Pagine 224
Pubblicazione 2005
ISBN 9788884922311


Spedito in 2 giorni lavorativi

This is a study of the Black Bands - the first famous unit of Italian infantry in the pike-and-shot era. Based on unpublished documentary sources, the volume traces the Band's story from the time of their birth in the days following Giovanni's death in 30 November 1526 until their surrender and disbandment at Aversa on 30 August 1528. In recounting their story, the volume examines the practice of war in the Early Modern Age, highlighting interactions between the political world and the changing realities of the battlefield.



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